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Most people, especially in the Philippines, use Facebook nowadays. Most of them also spend their time on liking pages and other stuffs. For me, these people are annoying because they like non-sense pages and it causes a flood in the News Feed of Facebook. Anyway, we mustn't  judge their hobbies because using Facebook is democratic. As a Facebook user, I also have my likes and dislikes. You can relate to my likes and dislikes or you can like what I like.

First of all, I really like inspiring people because sometimes they touch my heart. Their great speech makes me alive. Some of these people are Lourd De Veyra (the vocalist of Radioactive Sago Project and a poet), and Mikey Bustos (a YouTube sensation). Why don't you try listening to their words? I'm sure you'll be inspired and you'll also be proud of being a Filipino.

I'm not really into sports but I was constrained to play Sepak Takraw when I was still a Sophomore to represent our Year Level in the Intramurals 2010. When I practiced hard in playing it, I felt like I am really into the game but I'm not good at it. Still, I really like that game.

Another one is that I really really like music. Some of my favorite bands are Incubus, Sandwich, Blink 182, Parokya ni Edgar, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even though they have different genres, I still like them because I'm really into backtracks specially the music of the 90's.
I also like drumming. I'm a drummer wanna-be but I don't have the materials to start because they're expensive.

Speaking of books, I don't like 'em. I am too lazy to read and I'm slow in reading that's why I hate it. But there is an exception to my dislike and it is Bob Ong's book. I like his books even though I am not yet reading them all. I like his works because there is comedy.

Movies. I like watching 'em but I can't resist to thrill while watching suspense movies. Some of my favorite movies are Stay Alive, The Social Network, Without a Paddle, and Home Alone series. I don't like horror movies that are made by the Filipinos because they're very corny. It doesn't even scare me. The effects of the movies are not good.

Television. I like Art Attack, Gokaiger (Power Ranger's latest season), Sergeant Keroro,  The Big Bang Theory, and Voltes V. I like many TV series because I can enhance my vocabulary while watching and enjoy the storyline of it.

Most of all, I really really really like games, specially MMORPG's (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Some of my favorite games are Eden Eternal, Dante's Inferno, Super Mario Bros. Touch Detective series, Ragnarok PH, Cabal PH, LocoRoco, Rock Band, and Persona 3. I guess I can say that I'm addicted in games but I'm not a hustler in games. I'm not good at playing Super Mario but I really like that game.

Lastly, my hobby is none other than using the computer. What else? Talking about my dislikes, I don't want to mention many of 'em because I may offend people. One of my most disliked thing is K-Pop. Why would I listen to that genre if I can't understand the lyrics? That's my reason why. Another one is playing chess. I hate playing it because it's a time waster and it blows up my mind. Last thing is I don't play and like DotA nowadays. I play it before but when I realized that I am doing wrong things to play it like lying to my parents to have money, I disliked it and I didn't want playing it anymore. 


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